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10 Rules For Writing

  1. No TV. No Netflix. No Amazon Prime. No PBS documentaries about the Sahara. If I want to watch something, it’s gotta be planned and prepared for. I’m going to watch it on a Saturday night. I’m going to make it a special occasion for me.
  2. Social media: I’m not nixing it. I’m just going to set aside an appropriate time for it. I find myself always on my phone, or if I’m bored I’ll use my computer and just look at Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest or Goodreads. I could be actually talking to people. Or I could actually be reading. Have a designated time for it – say, at the breakfast table, or in the morning after I’m done with chores. Something like that.
  3. Work out. Seriously. EX-ER-CISE. This means yoga. This means power lifting. This means get some physical strength, girl.
  4. Eat well. No crap. No garbage. For real.
  5. Take care of my Spirit, so that my soul can be healthy. (Church. Prayer. Meditation. Study)
  6. Make time with family COUNT.
  7. Get outside. Every day. No matter what.
  8. Keep the house clean. Make routines and stick to them.
  9. Serve other humans and make them feel good about themselves. Help people shine.
  10. Write. Every day. No matter what. Write when I would be watching TV. Write when I feel bored. Write when I feel like I have nothing to write about. Get it out on paper. Do it. You’ll feel better, I swear. If you don’t write, your muscles will get weaker. You’ll suck. So keep writing. Write write write. You don’t have to be good at it. You just have to get. it. done.


My name is Emma. I wear about a zillion hats. Getting through life, writing, eating, trying to keep two kids alive. It's an adventure, ya'll.

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