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Tribute to Footwear

My favorite shoes are made of worked leather, in a style that already looked worn-out when I purchased them, and slightly reminiscent of an Oxford shoe. These simple elements suit me.

The Oxford style hearkens somewhat to my English heritage, but more importantly speaks of a bygone era of jazz, swing dance, and a familial characteristic to be smart, and have a good time.

Leather speaks to my heart of durability, longevity, and no-waste in material. Having them already be worked meant that I didn’t have to worry about wrecking these sole covers – which all gives hope to the fact that my feet, small though they may be, tend to wear out shoes quickly.

They do have a bonus feature that I find to be all the more endearing, but others may find…annoying. These beloved shoes of mine…squeak.

And it’s not just a cute little yip of the rubber sole on linoleum. It’s the leather that speaks, and it lasts throughout the entire footfall. It’s like my shoes are saying, “Oh thou that wearest us every day for three quarters of a year – fear not! We are stalwarts in the protection of your fine hobbit feet. We will not wear down prematurely, that you may continue to walk unhindered by wood chips and gravel.

“And we will continue to sing our song to thee in the quiet places – for here in the library, where heads are bowed in deepest concentration, the song of leathered devotion will sing its loudest.”



My name is Emma. I wear about a zillion hats. Getting through life, writing, eating, trying to keep two kids alive. It's an adventure, ya'll.

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